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How to Keep Your Head on Straight in a World Gone Crazy

How to Keep Your Head on Straight in a World Gone Crazy

by Rick Renner

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Chapter One

A World Gone Crazy

You and I are living in strange times!

We are actually living at the very end of the age — and as a result, we are going to see and experience things that no other generation has ever witnessed. Some things will be so far-fetched and bizarre that as rational, thinking people, we will find it incomprehensible. Indeed, to many of us, it already seems that common sense has been thrown to the wind on various fronts, replaced with irrational beliefs that are cheered on by a morally delinquent culture. But as those born to live in this hour, we must simply accept it as fact. You and I will be witnesses to strange developments as we near the end of this last-days time frame.

The Scriptures long ago foretold that the last days would be strange. But because you and I were born in this time, we will inevitably be thrust into the face of some of the “weird” that goes along with living in this end-times territory. The challenge before us as God’s people is to keep the lunacy outside the Church and our families, refusing to allow our thinking to be muddied by the spirit of this age. We must dig our heels into the long-established truths of Scripture and determine to keep our heads on straight in a world that seems to have gone crazy. This book will show us how to do it.

Approximately 2,000 years ago, the Scriptures prophesied of this end-time delusion: “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1). In this verse, the Holy Spirit alerted us that there would be an invasion of seducing spirits that would attempt to lead society off track into unthinkable levels of delusion at the very end of the age. In the years ahead of us before this age ends, we will witness advances of delusion beyond what any of us could have imagined.

We’re going to study prophetic utterances in the New Testament that describe the ever-expanding influence of seducing spirits and doctrines of devils that will mark the very last of the last days. As you read on, you will see what the Bible explicitly foretold — that a worldwide mutiny against God would eventually come. By observing cultural changes that are developing all around us, we get an unmistakable feeling that surely we are already in the middle of this creeping rebellion.

In this first chapter, I will give some concrete examples of the lunacy that has been worming its way into the culture over this past century. I give these examples not as a focal point or even as a point of contention, but simply as evidence of how far delusion and a widespread mutiny against God and His Word have already advanced in modern society.

Society today seems to be like a ship lost at sea that is drifting farther and farther off course. Over the passage of seafaring history, countless ships have been lost at sea because no course correction was put into place to get them back on track when they began to lose their bearings. Many Christian leaders believe that “lost at sea” describes exactly where the world is right now.

As people of faith, we want to present the belief that God has good things in store for us and for mankind. However, we can’t ignore the evidence that a moral anchor has been lost and “the ship” is veering way off course.

There is no doubt that we are witnessing a society gone morally adrift at the end of the age — lured into depths of degeneracy and depravity over this past century that have not been seen since the days when paganism ruled the earth. In fact, we may be witnesses to a pandemic of reprobate thinking on a level that no generation of any epoch in history has witnessed before.

As believers, it’s so important for us to recognize the dangerous reefs that lie hidden from common view and threaten to shipwreck this last-days society, causing it to sink to depths of evil our minds don’t want to accept that man could ever go again.

We’ll spend much time in the chapters that follow getting well acquainted with God’s perspective and the Church’s role in these tumultuous times. The rest of the chapters in this book will be filled with Bible exposition that will thrill your heart! But before we get there, I believe the following discussion is a needed wakeup call for us as believers. It serves as a stark reminder that we must not ignore alarming events transpiring in the world around us just because those events are not directly affecting us personally at the present moment. Society is dangerously adrift in a sea of deception and moral confusion, and its present course, unaltered, will ultimately lead to destruction.

Two World Views

Before we continue, I need to say that if you are committed to a biblical worldview, you will agree with much of what you are about to read in this chapter and throughout the rest of the book. But if you believe that the Bible is simply a philosophical option rather than the immutable voice of God’s authority, it is possible you may not appreciate the position that I take in the pages that follow.

A biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God, and when a person adheres to the view that the Bible is entirely true, he consequently allows it to be the foundation of everything he says and does. This is my position, and from this I will never deviate. Decades from now, I will continue holding to this position because my faith is deeply rooted in the unchanging voice of Scripture.

My life task is to know Scripture better, to grow in my understanding of it, and to never depart from the eternal truths contained in it. Those who do not hold this view may perceive people who believe like this as being contrary, intolerant, narrow-minded, inflexible, and obstinate because they remain fixed to unchanging biblical truth.

But those who have a non-biblical view will fluctuate on many issues that are already answered for those who have a biblical worldview. Even the most basic issues for this group may shift because their beliefs are affected by the ever-changing current thought and by the most recently accepted norms, whatever they may be.

A non-biblical worldview is primarily fashioned and informed by the fields of science, medicine, and education, as well as by societal norms. These factors are constantly in the state of flux created by the variant drifts of societal currents and the newest theories. Therefore, those who adopt this view will likely change what they inherently believe multiple times in the years to come. This is an unstable and unreliable path that floats on trends rather than on faith that is fixed in absolute truth.

Because of these very vastly different worldviews, people on both sides rarely coincide, especially on issues of morality and doctrine. In cases of disagreement, we should respectfully disagree and maintain civility.

In Ephesians 2:2, Paul wrote that unbelievers walk “according to the course of this world.” In that verse, Paul used a series of Greek words to picture people who live by the ever-fluctuating whims of a constantly changing culture. Even in early New Testament times, believers lived by fixed scriptural truth as opposed to those who lived by the fleeting and ever-shifting cultural norms of the day.

As is the case in today’s society, many pagans in the First Century perceived Christians to be narrow-minded because they adhered to a fixed standard from which they would not budge. Consequently, many pagans harbored ill feelings about Christians and widely believed them to be antisocial, contrary, incompliant, intolerant, narrow-minded, nonconformist, inflexible, obstinate, and uncompromising. That means if many Christians today feel like they take the brunt of hostility from an unbelieving world, they can rest assured that this has been felt by myriads of believers in times past.

In light of all this, I want to say that what you read about later in this chapter is not a personal assault on anyone. I will mention the plight of certain people whom I believe are living in a state of deep-seated confusion. It is simply my biblical perspective of what is happening in our modern society.

My purpose is to help those who hold to a biblical worldview understand how to stay true to the truths of God’s Word in a society that is becoming morally adrift. The Bible prophesied that this would occur at the end of the age, and as believers, we need to keep the anchor of the Word in place and not drift off course with the madness that is luring so many into this state of confusion in these last days.

How To Frame the Discussion Ahead

Keep all this in mind to help frame the enormity of what you are about to read. We’re about to navigate a painful glimpse into what mankind is capable of when demons are given far too much sway to facilitate hell’s limitlessly evil imagination. The shocking atrocities I’m about to briefly mention were fully sanctioned by a government that was elected into power (by “the will of the people”) through deception at an opportune time in history. That’s important to understand, for we are living in a society that has been groomed for some time to be caught in a similar way in an ever-tightening snare of demonic deception.

Also, don’t lose sight of our divine mandate as you read the rest of this chapter. Through the sacrifice of His Son, God established the Church on this earth with the intention that evil would never be left unchecked. We represent the highest authority in all creation, and we’ve been given weapons of warfare that are mighty for the tearing down of the enemy’s strongholds (see 2 Corinthians 10:3-5). We have the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and the mighty sword of God’s Word. And through the power of prayer by the Spirit of God, we are called to diligently keep watch and faithfully do our part to thwart Satan’s ability to carry out his evil strategies!

Let that perspective undergird you as you proceed to read this next section. Let the horror of what you’re about to learn fire you up to do your part in the days ahead to ensure that the Church takes her rightful place and steadfastly shines forth the eternal Word of truth to combat darkness.

This wakeup call is not intended to hurt you. My prayer is that it will help you see more clearly what demonic deception can look like when left unchecked to follow all the way to the inevitable end of the devil’s agenda. I also pray that this new measure of clarity becomes part of your arsenal to help you become a more effective “watchman on the wall” for God’s Kingdom in your community and in your nation as the tumultuous days that lie ahead continue to unfold.

A Real-Life Horror Story Exposed

In 1945 at the end of World War II, the victorious Allied troops entered Nazi concentration camps and were aghast at the human suffering they discovered there. As the full scope of the atrocities committed inside the camps was uncovered in the months and years that followed, the world came to know how Nazi forces had systematically murdered millions of people they considered to be inferior in the regime’s efforts to create a “superior” race.

But one of the hidden horrors uncovered as Allied troops liberated the concentration camps was what remained of the sadistic experiments performed on human beings on a wide scale in the name of producing and preserving that pure master race. The scope of these unthinkable experiments is staggering to the human mind, and all of them were conducted away from public scrutiny until discovered by Allied troops.

When Allied troops entered the concentration camps at the end of the war, they discovered the atrocities committed by Nazi doctors, and they exposed their crimes in the media. The international community was rightly outraged, and the worldwide response was to call for those who had carried out these deeds to be arrested, sentenced, and sent to prison or even executed for their monstrous, despicable, and unspeakable crimes against humanity.

Before vast numbers of prisoners in those concentration camps met their final fate, whether in gas chambers or by other means, vile and abhorrent experiments were performed on them at the orders of Nazi doctors. The list of horrors these demented physicians committed is so extensive and grotesque that I will not attempt to list them all or describe them fully. The experiments performed were enormous in scope, and many are still unknown. However, I believe it’s needful to open a small window into what deception can look like — and the extent of manifested evil that is possible on this earth — when evil is left unchecked because a large part of the Church within a society ignores its civic responsibilities, as well as its divine mandate to always “watch and pray” (see Matthew 26:41).

Behind locked gates of concentration camps, Nazi doctors carried out gruesome experiments on human captives — often under the guise of “helping the war effort”— who had been sent to concentration camps by Nazi forces. For instance, chemical attacks had become a new risk since World War I, so Nazi doctors used their access to the vast supply of helpless human subjects in the concentration camps to develop coinciding research. They would expose innocent prisoners to the unspeakable torment of mustard gas and other lethal chemicals to learn about their effects on the human body.1

The “war effort” rationale would also be used to ascertain how quickly infection spread in battle wounds.2 Prisoners’ legs, arms, and torsos were cut open with no anesthesia and intentionally flooded with bacteria as doctors scattered dirt, glass, and splinters into the wounds to make the infection spread faster. Then they agonizingly scraped the wounds — again, with no anesthesia — to learn how effective newly created experimental drugs were in fighting infection.

Women were not spared in these World War II hellholes called Nazi concentration camps. Along with the men, women were also worked to death, starved, beaten, hanged, shot, gassed, poisoned, and even burnt alive in the crematoriums. And women were often the subjects of the heinous Nazi medical research going on inside the camps. For instance, in the buildings where the top-secret medical research was conducted, unspeakable experiments were often performed on non-pregnant women to discover more efficient ways to sterilize, and on pregnant women to find new ways to abort babies in the womb — all toward the Nazis’ long-term goal of eliminating “undesirable” populations.3

Concentration-camp doctors also worked intensely at validating their Nazi philosophy that Jews and Gypsies were genetically inferior in a variety of ways. One experiment conducted to this end was to contaminate these categories of prisoners with excruciating and dreadful diseases to see if they would die more quickly than other races that they considered to be superior.4

As for the fate of the subjects if they survived these unimaginable procedures, it was of no concern to the Nazi doctors, as they considered the prisoners “useless eaters” who were less than human and therefore were “lives not worth living.”5 These doctors were well aware that the victims’ next stop would likely be the gas chamber for extermination.

Widespread Evil Always Has Its Roots in Widespread Deception

How could the depths of such horror ever have come about? A deadly deception dubbed “racial hygiene” had taken root in the psyche of the German medical profession in the post-WWI years. Those in the field of medicine who embraced the concept in the early days largely had little concept of the future nightmare they were helping to lay the groundwork to facilitate — for a society was being groomed for something more evil and insidious to come.

The science of eugenics, an offshoot of Darwin’s theory of evolution promoting the idea of “the survival of the fittest,” had actually been growing in acceptance in several civilized nations — including America — ever since the late Nineteenth Century. Proponents of eugenics pursued this policy of racial improvement through controlled breeding, providing justification for such policies as forced sterilization, segregation laws, marriage restrictions — and, later, abortion.

The eugenics deception would befoul the moral underpinnings of Western society at large and the medical profession in particular in the decades leading up to and following World War I. One historian noted, “The concept [of eugenics] expanded on Social Darwinism to include a more proactive approach to improving the species, manipulating the natural selection process to purify a nation’s bloodlines. To do so, eliminating undesirables was portrayed as healing the nation.”6

Nowhere was the poisonous philosophy of racial hygiene more firmly embraced to a more devastating effect than in post-WWI Germany. Its malignant approach fit perfectly in the Nazi mindset, fueling Hitler’s obsession to cleanse German society of all “unfit” elements in pursuit of the pure Aryan race. By the time World War II broke out, racial hygiene had been an active policy within Germany under Nazi leadership, and a large portion of the medical profession had gotten caught in its web.7

In those early days of the Nazi regime, many medical professionals initially joined the Party amidst promises of better financial benefits and greater opportunities for advancement during an economically difficult and chaotic time. But toxic seeds of deception had been planted in these doctors and nurses on the premise that producing a pure master race of people justified any means necessary to obtain it.

Over the decade of the 1930s, those seeds would grow into the governing philosophy in the German medical community. In the years preceding WWII, this belief paved the way for doctors and nurses to justify the sterilization, and later the “mass euthanasia,” of hundreds of thousands of the “unfit” — mentally ill, genetically diseased, alcoholics, etc.8 Having “sown the wind” in the devising of evil means to achieve a desired goal, Nazi doctors were setting the stage to “reap the whirlwind” (see Hosea 8:7).

Tracing the Seeds of Present-Day Deception

After World War II, documentation was also found for a host of inhumane experiments in which Nazi doctors systematically amputated limbs of concentration-camp prisoners without anesthesia, using their scalpels to cut away at victims as part of ongoing, so-called studies to test new medicines and observe how the human body would adapt to various disfigurements.

As a result of these horrific procedures, the prisoners used for these experiments underwent unimaginable terror, agony, mutilation — and, very often, death. If they survived, they were permanently disabled. When this hideous maiming and mutilation was exposed in 1945, the international community raised their voices in condemnation and called these practices sick, sadistic, and inhumane.

But these Nazi doctors didn’t stop with those unspeakably cruel surgical procedures. They descended into the lowest levels of depravity as they surgically attempted to alter the gender of men and women.9 Behind the walls of concentration camps, doctors used their scalpels to remove male organs and mutilate female organs in an attempt to see if a person’s gender could be surgically changed.

The first primitive sex-change operations were being performed in Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s and were met with a variety of responses. Historical documents have revealed that when the Nazis came to power, they attempted to destroy all medical records of these earlier sex-change operations.10 The Nazi position regarding such surgical procedures was that such practices might potentially promote homosexuality, a lifestyle that Nazis held to be repulsive. Later, however, behind the walls of concentration camps, Nazi doctors reengaged these procedures by performing experimental sex-change operations — this time under inhuman conditions on helpless concentration-camp victims who had no choice in the matter.

Most of the WWII sex-change operations were carried out under the supervision of Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz. The majority of Mengele’s victims who underwent these barbaric surgeries — often without anesthesia — died on the operating table or soon after. Almost all evidence of these procedures was destroyed before the arrival of the Allied Forces — which in the case of Auschwitz was the Red Army. For this reason, when the atrocities of Nazi doctors were examined at the Nuremberg trials, sex-change operations were not brought before the tribunal.

In fact, much of what is known about these gruesome sex-change experiments came to light after the Nuremberg trials concluded. It also appears that this specific category of experimental surgery was relatively rare compared to the established experimental programs such as those created to determine the effects of high altitudes and freezing temperatures on the human body. But regardless of the frequency or infrequency of sex-change surgeries, concentration camp survivors did eventually give heart-wrenching testimony that Nazi doctors indeed attempted these procedures on victims, along with other dreadful medical experiments.11

There is no evidence to suggest the Nazis’ objective was to produce transgendered people. Nazi doctors performed these sex-reassignment experiments as a part of the Nazis’ larger push to produce possible scientific legitimacy for the regime through a variety of their sadistic experiments — and they had no moral issue with utilizing their huge reservoir of “disposable” human subjects who were crammed in the concentration-camp barracks.

This was a horrific, real-life scenario, worse even than the fictional depiction of Dr. Frankenstein, who produced his living creature from non-living elements. In stark contrast, the Nazi doctors used living, feeling human beings — each born with a divine destiny to fulfill — on whom to perform their sadistic experiments. The Nazi doctors who engaged in these practices claimed they did so in the name of scientific advancement. But more likely, these demonically inspired doctors were pursuing their own self-advancement in the hierarchy of the Nazi medical profession while satisfying their personal hatred and disdain for those deemed unworthy of life.

Among a host of other atrocities too numerous to mention, the gruesome Nazi medical procedures briefly mentioned in this chapter tell us what happens when deception is allowed to run its course with no resistance against it. We need to take heed — because what goes around comes around. There really is nothing new under the sun. If not restrained, evil in any generation will become more and more bold, brazen, and aggressive.

And as has always been true, it’s easier to keep the enemy out than it is to try to get him out once access has been granted through an open door. In today’s society, the Church is truly in the “pushback” season of the latter option. The door to deception was again swung wide open through ignorance and passivity, and the thief is in the house.

From ‘Mad Science’ to ‘Scientific Breakthrough’

What was the root deception that led a modern society such as Germany down this demonic path to conclude that a human being could be placed in the category of “useless eater” and “a life not worth living”? We can find that root in Darwin’s theory of evolution, which promoted a concept of man as an evolutionary being scientifically categorized with other mammals and subject to the process of “survival of the fittest.” This theory was widely promoted in Germany in the years leading up to WWII.

As a result of the growing influence of Darwinism, many in the German medical field began to conclude that the weaker of the human species were disposable. The biblical belief that humans are made in the image of God and that every person has intrinsic value was put aside.

A study of the dangerous trajectory established in the German medical field in the years following World War I reveals the serious ramifications of such a belief system. When the fundamental belief that man is made in God’s image is replaced with the notion that man is merely a part of the evolutionary process, the dignity God gave man by creating him in His own image is seriously undermined. Human beings begin to be viewed as mere objects in an evolutionary process who can be altered scientifically or medically without moral considerations or consequence.

But this latter view of man isn’t just the stuff of history. It reflects the perspective of many, if not most, in the scientific and medical fields today. It is an inevitable outcome when society rejects biblical knowledge to embrace the belief that humans are nothing more than objects of the evolutionary process. As more and more reject the premise that man is made in God’s image, a growing number find it easier than in the past to promote surgical altering of the gender identity He has given to each person born on the earth.

What is being widely promoted today in terms of gender-reassignment surgeries doesn’t fit in the same category of the torturous medical experiments performed in Nazi concentration camps on unwilling victims under barbaric conditions. Nonetheless, these modern procedures are based on the same premise — that man is not an immortal being, uniquely created in the image of God. Those who support and promote this practice fundamentally do not believe that God, man’s Creator, has defined his gender identity. Such a perspective then makes it acceptable to experiment with or to alter the image and gender that human beings were born with.

These experiments performed by Nazis were all condemned by the international community of that time when they were publicly exposed. Yet in these strange times in which we live, the one procedure that has reemerged as acceptable, even normal, is gender reassignment — otherwise known as sex-change operations.

Some may argue that sex-reassignment surgeries would have eventually come about over a period of time, regardless of the Nazi doctors’ participation. This may be true; yet the point of this discussion remains the same. What was once deemed to be one of the universally rejected medical experiments conducted by Dr. Mengele and his team of Nazi doctors is now being carried out in hospitals and clinics all over the planet as doctors attempt to surgically change people’s genders. What was once generally viewed as sickening and repulsive is now being heralded by progressive thinkers as a great scientific breakthrough of human advancement.

Some correctly assert that the sex-change operations performed by Nazi doctors were war crimes because they were carried out on prisoners against their will — and that what doctors are performing today is different because it accommodates those who wish to submit themselves to the scalpel. Of course, it is certainly not a war crime by any standard for people to modify their bodies in whatever way they wish. People freely use plastic surgery to alter their appearance all the time.

However, for a person to willfully undergo a procedure to alter his or her gender is a completely different question, as it is an assault on their very identity. Furthermore, these modern procedures are being performed on those who are most certainly in an extreme case of confusion both mentally and emotionally. For one to willfully have such an irreversible, maiming procedure performed on one’s own body is itself a symptom of inner chaos and spiritual sickness. Yet society as a whole has veered so far from biblical truth and is so affected by delusional thinking that more and more people are embracing the notion that gender is not determined at birth by the Creator and may be electively changed by surgery.

None of this happens overnight. Sin and deception follow progressive steps along the way that only a discerning heart, firmly founded in God’s Word, will recognize (see James 1:14,15).

As we continue to explore the downward spiral of widespread deception within modern society, keep foremost in your mind our vital role as the Church. It’s our responsibility to take an uncompromising stance on God’s Word and to serve as the restraining force that impedes deception’s forward progress in society so it cannot take hold and entrench itself in people’s minds as “just the way things are.”

When the Church isn’t doing its part, people are more likely to accept a lie and keep making bad choices that sink them deeper into deception until the lie becomes their paradigm or mindset — “just the way things are” — in their thinking. This demonic paradigm establishes itself as a stronghold in their minds that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and ultimately leads to destruction (see 2 Corinthians 10:3-5). This dangerous progression perfectly fits the case of gender-reassignment surgery.

Just as a small group of elites at the time of WWII bought into a lie about a superior race that was being popularized in their day, today there is a growing number of people who are buying into the lie that gender is a choice and not determined at birth. This is part of a new wave of deception that is spreading across the planet to indoctrinate people en masse with the demonic lie that a new day has arrived and the mindset of only two traditional genders is a thing of the past.

In today’s society, this preposterous notion that a person’s gender can be changed is a recurrent message that continually bombards modern society through its educational institutions and many forms of media. The intention is to wear people down until the shock factor wears off and they begin to adjust to the idea that changing a person’s gender isn’t so bad or so physically and emotionally damaging after all.

All of this is a blaring signal that delusion is oozing into the mainstream of society at an ever-increasing rate. In this hour when it seems the world has gone morally crazy, it is vital that we as believers keep our heads on straight.

Delusionary Times

As we’ve seen, First Timothy 4:1 warns, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils....”

The word “seducing” in this verse is translated from a form of the Greek word planao and describes deception, a moral wandering, or a person or nation that has veered morally from a solid path and is now adrift. However, it is also very important for you to understand that this word planao can also be translated as the word delusion, and that is probably the best translation in this context.

First Timothy 4:1 could be therefore taken to mean, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of delusion....” In this pivotal verse, the Holy Spirit prophesied that at the very end of the age, spirits of delusion would stealthily, methodically, and seductively entice people away from long-held established truths into doctrines or new concepts that are advanced by demon spirits.

In the following chapters, you will see how these spirits attract people and lead them astray. At this point, however, I want you to understand that the Bible forecasts a time when spirits of delusion will be rampant in the earth and will lead society into a condition of delusionary reasoning and believing.

For instance, many thought they would never see the day when society would be so confused that it would question whether a man is a man or a woman is a woman. Yet people are bombarded from every direction with the notion that changing one’s sex, or gender, is perfectly normal.

In recent years, if you were to add up all the genders being offered as options on leading social-media websites and various applications for jobs and education, you would be shocked to find literally dozens of genders that a person can claim other than the one on his or her birth certificate! This issue of gender confusion, I believe, is one of the greatest signs that these delusional spirits are already full steam at work in the culture.

As I said in my “Must-Read Introduction,” this subject of transgenderism is not the focal point of this book. But it is important to emphasize that these issues about gender fly in the face of God’s original intent concerning creation, marriage, procreation, life, creativity, and fruitfulness according to His will, plan, and design. This deviance from what Scripture clearly teaches is a demonic attempt to overthrow these God-given institutions and the model of His crowning creation.

But let’s face it. When people don’t know if they are male or female, or when they actually embrace the belief that there are dozens of genders from which to choose — this is indicative of a deeply delusional state. Those who have embraced this lie will not appreciate this next statement, but I believe it to be very true: Only seducing spirits and doctrines of demons could convince intelligent people to embrace such absurdity.

Let me remind you that not so long ago, such thinking would have been labeled a symptom of a mental illness. But this deceptive form of “progressive thinking” is finding such widespread acceptance today that some are now even alleging that it is inappropriate to record a child’s gender at birth! They assert that birth certificates should no longer indicate whether an infant is a boy or a girl at birth — only that he or she is an infant.

What a burden it is, these progressive thinkers contend, to tell a little boy that he is a boy or to tell a little girl that she is a girl. Why burden children with gender identification? Instead, these thinkers claim, identification of gender should be deferred until later when the child becomes old enough to determine if he or she “feels” more male or female!

To a rational thinker who still believes that science — anatomy and DNA — dictates our gender at birth, all of this sounds like insanity and nonsense. But this delusional line of thinking, not long ago considered preposterous, is rapidly spreading across the stratum of society in an end-time bid to become “the norm.”

‘It’s All About Feelings’

The madness of this thinking was recently demonstrated to me again in a TV interview I saw that was conducted with another self-styled, progressive thinker who was the parent of a little boy. The interviewer asked the parent, who is well-known for her progressive outlook on sexuality: “As a progressive parent who wants to help her little boy find whether he’s more boy or more girl as he gets older, how do you greet him each morning?”

The parent answered, “Every morning, the first thing I do is go into my son’s bedroom, sit on the side of his bed to greet him, and I ask, ‘Tell me, sweetheart, what do you feel like today? Do you feel more like a little boy or a little girl today?’

“However my little boy answers me determines how I will treat him that day,” the woman continued. “If he wakes up feeling more like a girl, then on that day I’ll treat him like a girl. If he wakes up on a particular morning feeling more like a boy, then on that day I’ll treat him like a boy. It can change each day, depending on how he feels when he wakes up.”

The parent told the interviewer, “The last thing I want to do is put pressure on my little boy to think and act like he’s a boy simply because he was anatomically born a boy. As a good parent, I want to give him the option to think and act like a girl if that is what he feels. As a responsible parent, I consider it my job to help him ‘feel his way into his gender.’ It has nothing to do with anatomy; it’s all about feelings.”

All about feelings. Friend, this way of thinking is delusionary. A parent like this is setting up a child for gender confusion, identity confusion — life confusion — and rampant insecurity on many levels. Children need affirmation of who they are from the outset of their young lives; they do not need to be questioning their sexual identity. Instead, they need parents who tell them, “You are a wonderful young boy, and you will grow up to be a great man,” or, “You are an amazing young girl, and you will grow up to be a great woman."

How destructive it is to start children out in life with the message, “We can’t figure out who you are, and we’re not sure who you will be when you get older.”

The Holy Spirit warned us that spirits of delusion will be loosed in society at the end of the age (see 1 Timothy 4:1). Today delusion is pervasive. Many who have wavered on such basic issues now conclude that we who believe anatomy determines our gender are antiquated and behind the times — relics of a past way of thinking that they believe is no longer relevant.

But let’s consider the word “delusion” and see what medical books have said about it up until now. According to science’s most recently stated definitions:

  • A delusional person has a belief or feeling that is based on an incorrect interpretation of reality.
  • A delusional person clings to a false belief even if he is confronted with evidence, facts, or proof that refutes his false belief.
  • A delusional person is difficult to help because he rarely admits that he is delusional. He often refuses psychiatric treatment, instead searching for ways to affirm, support, and sustain his delusion.
A One-Sided, ‘One-Armed’ Lie

Let me give you a hypothetical example of a delusional person who refuses to acknowledge reality when confronted with facts but instead seeks to support his delusional perception. Imagine a man with two normal arms who has the delusion that he has only one arm. Although he has two fully formed arms, this man denies that fact. Instead, he actually goes to a surgeon and says, “Doctor, I realize you’re going to tell me that I have two arms, and medically I know this is true. But in spite of the provable facts, I feel more like a one-armed person. I would like you to schedule a surgery to cut off one of my arms so that my body will finally match what I feel is true about me.”

Any doctor who agreed to schedule an amputation in this type of situation would be considered unfit for medical practice and would likely be sentenced to prison. Yet as absurd as this scenario sounds, it is precisely what happens when a man says, “I know I was born a man, but I feel like I am a woman trapped in a male body” — and vice versa when a woman says she feels like she is a man trapped in the body of a female!

This type of delusional thinking is on the increase. It is simply a fact that growing numbers of males are claiming to feel like they are actually females that are trapped in male bodies — and growing numbers of females are claiming to feel like they are actually males that are trapped in female bodies. If you don’t know anyone in this category, it’s likely you will at some point, because this deceptive craze is growing exponentially — and it’s especially on the rise among younger people who are the main targets of gender confusion.

Until recently, such confusion was regarded in the medical field and throughout society as a mental disorder that should be treated under the care of a psychiatrist or counselor. But today this is being repackaged as a birth defect that some medical professionals suggest can be fixed with a surgical procedure.

As nonsensical as this argument is on its merits, this is precisely what some in the medical world are suggesting with increasing regularity. Of course, this is not the way those medical professionals would describe it. But in essence, this is what they are doing by performing these surgical procedures to address a mental-health issue! The current trend seems to say, Just go with your feelings; there’s nothing wrong with you that a surgical procedure will not cure.

This confusion has hit such a high that now people are claiming to be neither male nor female! The new rage is to be bigender, trigender, polygender, pangender, or even gender-fluid. People who put themselves in this last category claim that their gender is so fluid that they can switch back and forth — male to female, female to male — from moment to moment, depending on what is felt in a given situation. In other words, in one moment, a person can claim to be male, but in the next moment, claim to be a female. Yet “gender fluidity” is just another delusional tenet in the devolving, amoral system of a world gone mad.

It is okay for us to recognize that this is all last-days nonsense!

In spite of the ever-growing list of celebrities and other voices that endorse these ideas, we who believe God created man as male and female are on the right side. We are standing on the authority of the Bible.

And even beyond the ultimate authority of God’s Word, consider the uncompromising reality of scientific data when the remains of a human body are exhumed. Every skeleton will tell the truth. A DNA test will reveal whether that skeleton holds an XY or XX chromosome. And except in extremely rare cases of chromosomal anomalies, that is what determines whether the person was a male or a female — no matter what kind of operation the person might have had while alive!

It is unthinkable that many parents are encouraging their children to decide their gender from a very young age. If the child decides differently than their birth gender, the process of “social transitioning” begins. Later on, “stage two” is introduced — hormone treatment to promote physical symptoms of the child’s preferred gender.

Then in a recent court decision in a major Western nation, the court decided it had no role in the decision between child, parents, and physician for the child to advance to stage three — the irreversible step of gender-reassignment surgery.12 Thus, before an adolescent’s brain is fully developed and before he or she is legally allowed to vote, drink, or sometimes even drive, that young person is being allowed to choose to be transported into an operating room to be surgically and irreversibly altered and “reassigned” a new gender.

How I wish that someone could justly accuse me of exaggerating, but in Western society this travesty is being perpetuated against children more and more frequently, often with the endorsement of their parents and physicians. How can this not be considered child abuse? A mental and emotional vacuum has been created in children by authority figures and parents who have become delusional themselves or who have abdicated their responsibility to train their children in line with biblical standards.

I am not stating that every parent of those who are confused about gender or who have undergone sex-reassignment surgery has abdicated his or her parental responsibilities. Scores of parents have done everything they knew to do to raise their children correctly, but seducing spirits working through society have targeted younger people, and many children and young adults have fallen victim to this outrageous scheme.

Punishment for Independent Thought

It is clear that the enemy is targeting our very youngest. Satan has been well aware that to reach children en masse, the educational system had to be brought under the sway of his deception.

In the Western world, the devil’s strategy has been largely successful. The education system is public for the most part and, as such, is federally funded. Educators are mandated to indoctrinate teachers in training and to write curricula for the classroom that undermines biblical authority (and all godly authority), as well as respect for God. This humanistic curriculum blurs the lines of truth, incites confusion, obliterates common sense, and punishes independent thinking. Any thinking that is outside the box of the “kinder, gentler” world of progressive humanism is not only frowned on, but is often met with violent, punitive resistance.

We need to establish it in our own minds that it is absolutely right for us to hold to the belief that the attempt to surgically change a man into a woman or a woman into a man was and still is a perverted and twisted business.

In fact, it’s not only okay to recognize and acknowledge that such assertions belong in a world gone mad, but to do so is a healthy sign! It means we haven’t become numbed and desensitized to the subtle changes in the moral tide that we’ve experienced over the last 50 years. It also means we recognize that of late, there has been a sweeping downward shift in that moral trend.

Are our memories so short that we have forgotten that the international community condemned Nazi doctors for doing these very things? Yet the “Frankenstein-type” activity of Nazi doctors is back in the operating room. However, this time these actions aren’t occurring behind the walls of concentration camps. Now “Dr. Frankenstein” is working in sophisticated hospitals and is being cheered on by liberal progressive thinkers.

Besides this subject of gender confusion, consider the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Even though it has now been ruled to be in agreement with the U.S. Constitution, it is in direct contradiction to the Word of God. And beyond that — perhaps as one of the most dramatic modern instances of this downward moral trend — consider the 2019 New York and Illinois bills that legalized late-term abortion right up to the birth pangs of delivery and possibly beyond!

Let me put it another way to emphasize this crucial point: It’s not only okay to recognize that such deceived ways of thinking are wrong, but it’s actually our responsibility as the Church of Jesus Christ to “come out from among them” (see 2 Corinthians 6:17). We are called to come out from the catacombs of intimidation, as well as from the defilement of the world — and to stand as beacons of God’s truth, regardless of opposition or backlash.

What can the Church do? That is the subject of the rest of this book, and in the following pages, I will unfold to you answers from Scripture that have the power to change your life and the lives of those around you.

Compassion, Not Judgment

It is imperative that we have compassion for people who struggle with any type of disorder. Gender confusion is a serious condition, and God calls us to be compassionate toward those who are struggling and hurting.

That’s true even when people don’t want to hear anything to the contrary of their own conclusions about their sexual identity. Our compassion must be extended, especially when we know that the actions someone has taken are to his or her own lasting detriment. These precious souls need answers from the Word of God. They need the Holy Spirit to heal their souls. They need the compassionate touch of Christ to be transmitted to them through non-condemning believers who themselves have been forgiven, delivered, and restored by the redemptive power of the Cross.

But let’s keep our heads on straight. Gender confusion is a complicated spiritual and psychological problem that cannot be remedied by cutting off a man’s penis to create an artificial vagina or cutting off a woman’s breasts and surgically altering her urethra to try to turn it into a penis. This is not a reasonable answer to such a deep spiritual and psychological issue. In fact, it is delusionary.

Remember, one definition of “delusion” is, in effect, maintaining fixed false beliefs that are contradicted by reality or rational argument — which describes well this reprobate way of thinking. Those who struggle with the serious issue of gender confusion need a mental healing — not a surgery to try to make their physical makeup match their mental confusion. We need to help them with the right tools, not a surgeon’s scalpel.

Make no mistake — we live in a world that is increasingly losing its collective moral mind on many levels. Many rational thinkers have difficulty comprehending how deception and depravity have caused society to descend so far and at such a fast rate into moral confusion.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. What we will see develop in society between now and the ultimate end of this last-days time frame is beyond our current ability to fathom. Bizarre notions once considered the stuff of science fiction and horror movies will move from the mental, imaginary realm into our physical realm as manifested realities.

For a moment, let me speak prophetically about the future. In the years to come, we will see science venture into unthinkable realms that would have been considered blasphemous in a past time when society was more Bible-based. But as society increasingly rejects the Bible as its measure of truth and morality, it will open itself to possibilities that were considered abnormal and deviant to Bible-minded people.

The lid has already been removed from reason, and common-sense thinking has been thrown to the wind, replaced with the whims of the ever-fluctuating times. We can therefore soundly forecast that in the not-so-distant future, society will begin implementing ideas and actions that would have been inconceivable abominations to previous generations.

Futurists are predicting developments that may sound mind-boggling and deeply disturbing to us as believers, but they are not far-fetched concepts to the modern mind that is no longer rooted in a moral foundation. Remember, the idea of widespread transgenderism sounded far-fetched a mere generation ago, but today it is a reality that is confronting our world with force.

Over these past decades, the horrors of the Holocaust have faded from the collective mindset of post-WWII generations. Most younger people alive today are not educated about what happened then. They are not able to fathom the depths to which the devil can take human beings who have become fertile ground for his seeds of demonic deception to grow — and inspire them to do unthinkable evil to their fellow man.

God is calling His Church to take its place as His restraining force to enforce Christ’s victory, slow down the advance of the enemy’s evil agenda, and make way for the great end-time harvest of souls. However, some things must come to pass according to the immutable word of the Lord, who declares the end from the beginning (see Isaiah 46:10). It’s not a stretch to say that a host of unthinkable manifestations of evil lie ahead that will make the horrific atrocities of the Nazi regime pale in comparison.

Ancient History’s Rendezvous With Deception

It is important for you to know that much earlier in history, there was another demonically dark period when society interfaced with evil, causing a descent into the lowest levels of depravity and eliciting divine judgment. This nefarious period occurred in Genesis chapter 6, when the earth was infiltrated by seducing spirits that came to lure mankind off track and to influence society with deceptive ways of thinking and repulsive behaviors. One could rightly say it was early history’s rendezvous with seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.

During those ancient times, the thinking of man became distorted and twisted, and his behavior became perverted. Genesis 6:5 says, “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

At that early moment in history, man became so seduced by evil influences that “…every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”! Society in that era of time was entrapped by a seducing influence, yielding to the enemy’s diabolical plan to lead mankind off track through mutinous acts against God. Eventually mankind became so twisted that God could find only a few individuals who remained untainted — Noah and his family.

Noah remarkably adhered to the truth and refused to become infected by the vile influences that surrounded him. As a result, God was able to use Noah’s family to start the human race over again after He had sent the flood to wipe out that utterly contaminated generation.

Noah, with his family, stood against the opinions perpetuated in society at that time. They were at odds with a world filled with evil that raged against them. Even in the face of ridicule, they followed what they knew to be true. As a result, they were delivered from destruction and became the inheritors of the earth and progenitors of the current world population.

What Satan did at the beginning of time — seducing society with evil spiritual influences — is precisely what he is attempting to do again at the very end of this current era. Once again, a worldwide mutinous attitude is developing toward God and His Word — and as before, it will eventually be met with a harvest of judgment.

Satan knows full well his time is short. In the brief time he has left, he is attempting to assault and disfigure man — the very one who is made in the image of God. It is truly the ultimate insult against God to mar His prized creation, whom He created to be only male or female, and to undermine and tear down every institution He so skillfully created, including the institution of marriage.

Because we live at the end of this prophetic period called the last days, we must recognize that we will see bizarre and nonsensical acts become more and more commonplace and embraced as normal. We can be sure that as time progresses, it will seem that all restraints have been thrown off and that, as a culture, we’re galloping at an ever-increasing speed toward lunacy on many fronts.

The closer we get to the end, society will sink deeper into depravity and deception. Isaiah prophesied that a day would come when evil would be called good, good would be called evil, and darkness would be substituted for light (see Isaiah 5:20). That day is here — and we are witnessing firsthand things that were once considered evil, dark, and unthinkable.

According to the prophetic teaching of Scripture, seducing spirits with doctrines of demons will invade society as we approach the end of this age (see 1 Timothy 4:1). As a result, new versions of deviant thinking will become entrenched in society as this “ship” sails further and further off course.

The last-days assault has already begun. The seeds of deception have long been planted, and an evil harvest awaits. As representatives of Almighty God, we have a responsibility to raise the standard of His truth in every situation. We must be willing to stand at odds with every law that is opposed to Scripture. We must dig our heels into scriptural truth and refuse to bend with the times, no matter what everyone else around us is doing. This is how we keep our heads on straight in a world gone crazy! We’ll study that in greater detail in the pages that follow.

No One Excluded — Freedom for All

The stronghold of deceived thinking that I’ve described in this chapter is growing like a wildfire out of control. As the earth was assaulted by evil influences in Genesis chapter 6, evil spiritual beings with diabolical ideas presented as “new” are again attempting to pervert and distort society and to lead it away from God. What happened in the beginning is occurring again at the end of this age. The Holy Spirit prophesied this would happen, and it is transpiring just as He forewarned in First Timothy 4:1.

Many Christians are baffled about how to respond to the moral changes confronting them through every arena of society, such as science, medicine, media, entertainment, and education. They see the deception that is trying to influence their children and grandchildren. If they are being sensitive to what they see, their spirits are on full alert.

Many pastors and spiritual leaders are deeply troubled by these events and are earnestly seeking for God’s wisdom about how to navigate these times. On one hand, they feel the utmost need to project hope that common sense will return. On the other hand, these same leaders feel compelled by the Spirit to help their followers stay on track in a world that is morally drifting further and further from shore.

Like it or not, this is where we find ourselves.

Society is changing. The moral climate is devolving while progressives assert it is upwardly evolving to new and previously unknown levels of sophistication. Even 20 years ago, you would have shaken your head in disbelief to hear that such developments could happen. But as crazy as it is, this is the state of our modern world. And as demonically inspired changes continue to cut their way through society, it will leave hurting, shattered lives in their wake.

We will be given the opportunity to minister to people who are confused and struggle with depression, addiction, thoughts of suicide, and other destructive behaviors. The wide-scale nature of such destructive behaviors is evidence that end-time demonic activity is attempting to ravage the earth’s population before the age closes. When seducing spirits — or spirits of delusion — come with “newfangled ideas” that are, in reality, thinly cloaked doctrines of demons, they indeed come to steal, kill, and destroy on every possible level (see John 10:10).

We must seek the face of God to know how to respond to this confusion and help people find peace, healing, and restoration. Those who are wayward, confused, and bound in sin are not to be rejected because of their deception, and certainly that includes those who have already made modifications to their bodies. All need the forgiveness, deliverance, and freedom offered through the Cross of Calvary.

The Early Church also had to seek God to know how to confront the moral dilemmas and consequences of sin in their own generation. Only the Holy Spirit could provide the wisdom and help that those converted pagans needed as they sought to live free from their past lives when they were outside of Christ.

In the same way, it is imperative that we seek the Holy Spirit’s assistance to help those who come to us shattered and broken by the effects of sin and regretful decisions. Every person needs the message of Christ, salvation, and the redemption that is offered to him or her in the great plan of God. No one is excluded from the salvation and freedom that Christ gave so freely when He laid down His life for all.

Think About It
  1. The challenge before us as God’s people is to refuse to allow our thinking to be muddied by the spirit of this age.

    Monitor your own progress concerning that divine challenge. How well are you keeping the streams of your own thought life clear and pure from the world’s way of thinking and perceiving? How successfully are you withstanding the many external voices that can bombard your mind and threaten to “muddy the waters”?

    Ask the Holy Spirit for help to identify any contaminant. He will be faithful to do that and then to lovingly lead you to a strategic “washing of water by the Word” to help you renew your mind and change your way of thinking in that area (see Ephesians 5:26).

  2. Modern society is in serious need of a course correction back to alignment with the foundational truths of God’s Word. Dare to ask yourself, What’s my part?

    You have a voice within your sphere of influence and perhaps beyond what you have yet conceived. What are your gifts, abilities, and opportunities that the Lord has placed within you and at your disposal that may be part of His answer? Let Him show you how to help establish His truth as the eternal compass in people’s hearts in this day — even if it is in one heart at a time.

  3. It is evident that Satan has a distinct strategy to groom society over a period of time to accept his lies as reality. It’s important to be aware of the enemy’s strategies in order to effectively thwart them with the wisdom and power of God. Identify specific ways the devil has been working in different arenas — such as education, entertainment, politics, and even religion — to dismantle people’s belief in God’s eternal truths in an ever-tightening snare of demonic deception.

  4. It’s easier to keep the enemy out than it is to try to get him out once access has been granted through an open door. What are the different ways the door to deception was swung wide open in Western society over the past decades? What specific ways can the Church “rise and shine” to fulfill its role in society in the days ahead now that “the thief is in the house”?

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